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The Xact Tank Monitoring System is comprised of three components

1. The ultrasonic sensor

Xact Tank Unit Accurate, Reliable, Secure

The Xact patented sensor is externally mounted on the bottom of a propane tank. It sends an ultrasonic signal through the wall of the tank and reads the return echo from the surface of the liquid propane or diesel fuel. Using the Xact high accuracy ultrasonic transducer device to capture the echo, the distance from the inside bottom of the tank to the surface of the liquid is calculated and accurately reported into the Xact system.

2. The satellite radio transmitter

The Xact satellite radio transmitter works in combination with Xact's digital controller and sensor. Using the Globalstar® satellite system the tank measurement level data is beamed to a satellite, relayed to a Globalstar® earth station, and then sent through the internet to the Xact Network Control Center and Xact website.


3. The Xact Network Control Center software

Globalstar relay

The tank measured level data and the geometry of the propane or diesel tank are used to very accurately calculate the tank true capacity and then the current level of the propane or diesel in the tank and report those values into the Xact website. The tank fill level can then be transmitted into your data system via the internet. E-mail alerts of critical tank fill levels can be sent to all personnel as needed by phone or computer, and/or direct into you data system.

Propane or Diesel Inventory at a glance

With the Xact system, you can receive tank fill levels and alarm notices anytime-anywhere! E-mail alerts of critical fill levels sent to your desktop, phone, and/or direct to your data system.